Updates and Alts – 22/2/22

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Yesterday was Hasbro’s Marvel Team livestreams and while they have 7 brand new characters (yes, I’m counting the birds), 2 alternate universe versions and 1 character I have yet to talk about, they had 6 figures that can be added or replace figure of characters I have done an NCS for, one that can be used for 2 characters.

The following have been updated:

  • Rhino – swapped out the classic BAF version with the new Retro version
  • Spider-man – Add the Future Foundation (Stealth Mode) to the page
  • Hawkeye (MCU) – Just changed what wave it will be a part of.
  • Hawkeye (Bishop, MCU) – same as above
  • Iron Man – added the MK 70 armor under the “Back to Basic” name
  • Viper – swapped out the Arnim Zola wave version with the far superior Controller wave version (It might go without saying but this is Madame Hydra)
  • U.S.Agent – swappable of the Arnim Zola wave US Agent with the new Controller wave version
  • Captain America -swapped out the Captain version with the new USAgent. (Cap wore the costume first).
  • Thor – added the new figure under “Herald of Galactus”

I have also added the following:

When we come back on Monday we will start looking at the new characters by looking at Blue Marvel, as well as a quick look at Vistron and VHS Storm.

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