News – Hasbro Marvel Legends Livestream live updates 21/02/22 (Updated with Images)

(Remember to reload the page every few minutes to get updates).

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Hasbro’s first Livestream of the year is less than twenty minutes away. I’m predicting we will not see much but thanks to yesterday’s art reveal I guarantee we will see the Avengers wave we have been talking about for a while. I know during the Rumor Round-up I don’t think we will see the Thor: Love and Thunder product, with Marvel now revealing products from other lines, I can see Hasbro revealing some if not all their L+T line-up. However, I don’t see them going up for Pre-order this week, probably on the next 20th of the month in March.

This is mainly for people at work or who can’t access the Youtube channel but remember to reload every few minutes.

  • Livestream starts. Introducing themselves.
  • Talking about the delays.
  • Talking about The Dr. Strange MOM wave.
  • They will make NWH figures, but nothing was revealed today.
  • 60th Anniversary Spider-man.
    • Rhino on the Retro card!!! New heads and hands. Fan Channel exclusive
    • Future Foundation Spider-man – black version
  • Disney +
    • What If…? Infinity Ultron build a figure.
    • Hawkeye and Kate Bishop will be part of the wave
  • VHS X-men Pulse Exclusives
    • Storm – new head.
  • 20th Anniversary
    • No Toad yet. Wait for the next 20th
  • Avenegrs wave
    • Blue Marvel
    • Most Recent Iron Man – Alex Ross Design – Everia Review tomorrow
    • Speedball – Toybro Review tomorrow
    • Madame Hydra
    • US Agent – Cap Wolf Buck
    • Herald of Galactus Thor with ravens- 100% new sculpt
    • 2- Characters – Quake (female shield agent) Swappable hands – Maria Hill swappable head
    • The Controller BAF!!!!! Interchangeable hands use the Thanos Buck.
    • Preorder tomorrow
  • Galactus update. Racket knees lol
  • Moon Knight will have legends but not revealed today.
  • Teases – a stand with a red candle?
  • Stream ends!!

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