NCS – Ultimate Fantastic Four

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Yesterday we finished our look back at both Hasbro’s and Toybiz’s Spider-man Classics so today we move onto one of the other Classics lines starting with the Fantastic Four Classics line. As people may or may not know, during the final days of Toybiz and knowing they were losing the license to Hasbro, TB began creating classics line to get as much product out as they could in order to get as much money as they could before the transfer to Hasbro. One of these and the hardest to find was the F4 line. The Dragon Man figure is still considered one of the rarest figures to date.

Though the line was called Classics and had classic Prime Universe characters (including one packed in with Human Torch), all for members of the F4 (6 figures) were from the Ultimate universe. This was because the Ultimate Universe was the thing at the time, with many toys and video games using their designs. However, unlike the X-men, Spider-man and Hulk line, none of these were original designs. In the first series we got Thing (Ultimate), Human Torch (Ultimate) and Mr. Fantastic (Ultimate) along with Super-Skrull and Impossible Man who was packed-in with Johnny (his NCS will be tomorrow). The second series saw another Thing, depowered Johnny (who I can’t find a clean image of) Invisible Woman (Ultimate) as well as Kang and Dragon Man (again tomorrow).

Next time we will look at the only 2 characters I have yet to do an NCS of, Dragon Man and Impossible Man as well as moving onto the X-men Classics line by looking at Ultimate Universe Iceman and maybe Sabretooth.


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