NCS – Ch’Od, Cr’reee and 2 Tarantula

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we finish off our look at the X-men wave by looking at both the BAF and his pet, Ch’Od and Cr’reee. You guys have no idea how many times today I had to rewrite those names. Now that we have those two and Corsair, hopefully Hepzibah and Raza at some point. Hepz could use the Tigra body with a new torso and a new tail. Raza is harder to make as it would need mostly a new sculpt. Maybe throw in Sikorsky into one of them.

But that not all we are talking about today as we are also going to look back at Hasbro’s second attempt at the Spider-man Classics line. Hasbro original launched the kid friendly Spider-man line with Spider-man Origins, which was a line that gave us the original Iron Spider and Demogoblin, but it used outdated mold and contained, ugh, action feature. The line lasted for 2 “waves” before being canceled. They would relaunch the line again as Spider-man heroes and villains. It was a slight improvement over the previous one but since the 6inch line was about to be cancelled so was this line. When Hasbro eventually brought back the Marvel Legends line and transformed it into the theme-based line of the Infinity Series, it was decided to make Spider-man a major subline of Marvel Legends instead of it’s one separate line, which continues to this day. There wasn’t many new characters in either of Hasbro Spider-man classics line (that I haven’t already talked about) but there was one figure that is unique to this line, which being Tarantula (Rodriquez) or if you want Tarantula (Alvarez). This was a bad figure but thankfully it looks like Hasbro are remaking it as it is rumored for the next Spider-man comic wave.

That’s it for today and is the last of the Spider-man Classics lines but next time we will start looking at one of Toybiz’s other classics line starting with the Fantastic Four Classics line, with Ultimate Universe versions of the Mr. Fantastic (or the Maker as he is known as now) and Thing.


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