NCS – Impossible Man, Dragon Man and a few Ultimate X-men

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Yesterday we started our look at Toybiz’s Fantastic Four Classics line by looking at the Ultimate Fantastic Four characters. Today let’s finish it with a look at the only 2 characters I have yet to do a NCS for. Starting with a figure that came with Human Torch, we have Impossible Man. This is not a character that is absolutely in need of an update as he is not an essential character. However, Hasbro has been hinted of a possible update for years, similar to how they kept on hinting on an Amazing Bag-man figure.

However, the only other figure of this wave is in desperate need of an update, Dragon Man. It’s not that this figure is bad. It’s actually pretty awesome if way too small. (He says when he has it on his shelf). It’s just that it’s damn expensive these days with it being nearly $200 minimum to get and that’s a loose figure. Hasbro needs to remake this so that others can get this, either as a baf for a F4 wave or a mega-deluxe figure (IE Mojo and MODOK).

Now that the F4 line is done we will look at everyone’s favourite mutants, the X-men line. History time! When Toybiz launched the Marvel Legends line and the Spider-man line, they also launched a X-men Classics line. Either this line didn’t sell well or there wasn’t enough money for another line, but the line would only have a single series. All these figures had action features but were all comic based. It included an Archangel, Jim Lee Cyclops, X-treme X-men Gambit, New X-men Wolverine (with a monster Sentinel) and Tiger Stripe Wolverine. It wouldn’t be for many years and near the end of the Marvel lisence that they relaunched the line. However, unlike most of the F4 and Hulk classics lines, this line had alot of original designs. It did have some comic figures, but it wasn’t until the third and final wave that it had some new comic accurate figures with the first two waves just repainted of older figures.

Series 1 had a released of the previously mentioned Archangel, and a repainted ML Storm (series 6) and a repainted Gambit alongside original designs for Beast, Cyclops, Magneto and 2 Wolverines. Series 2 had a release of Series 6 Phoenix as well as a House of M Wolverine that was taller than others as well as original designs for Angel, Cyclops Juggernaut and Beast. Series 3 had only one original design with Avalanche, but it would have a new Astonishing X-men Colossus, a release of series 6 Iceman with a Bobby Drake and another variant (more on that in a bit) and an X-treme X-men Rogue with long and short hair variants. Since this wave the 2000s and the Ultimate universe, the series also had Iceman (Ultimate) (a variant of the Iceman), Nightcrawler (Ultimate) and Sabretooth (Ultimate).

And that’s it for the X-men Classics line. Next time we will look at the only Hulk Classics character I have yet to do, Gremlin. That will finish off the entire Toybiz lines, so we will also look at Hasbro attempt at an Iron Man where we look at Crimson Dynamo as well as look at a character from their 3 3/4 line that can be used for ML with Bill Foster.


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