Retro NCS – Tombstone and Captain Universe * 7

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addict. Just a bit of an update for the Haslab Project, as of writing this it’s at 2,556 Backers. For those wondering if those in the EU or other countries that can’t back it VIA Hasbro Pulse, Dan Yun has confirmed that Zavvi will not be used this time. However, he has confirmed that they are looking into how they will allow us to back it, but it will take some time.

Anyway, today we start and finish our look back at the Homecoming wave. I have already done Vulture (MCU), Spider-man (MCU), Mach (Beetle), Spider-man and Moon Knight so let talk about Tombstone. Like alot of people I’m waiting for them to create a large/tall, suited body so we can get him in his more traditional look.

I did the Cosmic Spider-man. However, it also came with an alternate head that can be used for a version of Captain Universe. Since the Uni-power is like symbiote, in that it bonds with several people, that is more of a general look at the Uni-power. As such I have also did Captain Universe (Ray Coffin), Captain Universe (Steve Coffin), Captain Universe (Evan Swann), Captain Universe (Ted Simmons), Captain Universe (Gilbert Wiles) and Arcturus Rann, with the last one being a character from Hasbro’s owned Micronaut. The rights to that character is a mystery at the moment as I’m not sure if it’s owned outright by Hasbro or Marvel.

Next time we will look at the Mantis baf wave, with a look at Death Head’s II, Ex Nihilo and maybe Adam Warlock and Magus.


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