Retro NCS – Death’s Head II, Ex Nihilo and Adam Warlock

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addict. If you haven’t already, have a look at the Haslab Engine of Vengeance Updates post where I have posted all the sites you can back this project on. It will also update it daily with the numbers as we go along. We are currently nearly at 3,964 Backers with it growing it by the minute. Hasbro has said they will be adding more sites to the backing so I will post them there.

Back to today and we look back at the second GOTG Vol. 2 wave with a look at 3 characters. I have already done the NCS for Star-Lord (MCU), Gamora (MCU), Nebula (MCU) and Rocket Raccoon (MCU) so let’s look at the 3/4 comic figures today starting with the Marvel UK created character, Death’s Head II (2020 Universe). I don’t think anyone was expecting this figure to ever be made and we all kind of hope that his more famous brother will get made at some point, but most likely as a baf because he is huge.

We also talk about one of Hickman’s original characters, Ex Nihilo. I know a few years back I ragged on this character but that was only because he was voted the worst figure of the year by people. It was this reason that I now refuse to allow the Worst of the year in the annual Best of voting. (Yes, that will be coming back this year.)

Finally, we talk about one of the more prominent cosmic heroes that has fallen greatly in recent years, Adam Warlock. Adam has had one horrible figure and one good figure. Hopefully with him making the jump to the MCU, we will see some more comic figures. I personally one his orange red and gold look.

Next time we will finish the wave by looking at Magus and MCU Mantis.


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