NCS – Fallen One

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addict. Today we look at the latest Herald of Galactus to be getting a release but the first Herald in the comics that we know of, Fallen One, as well as post a new Fallen Ones alternates. Personally, I really like this figure but would have preferred them to have made Air-Walker instead. With Air-Walker, Stardust and Red Shift being the only Herald left. Air-Walker has the best chance of being made next, with Red Shift possibly coming soon after. Stardust would require a whole new sculpt though so she might not come for a while. (And no. I won’t count the Golden Oldie and Dazzler among them.)

Hasbro has a livestream tomorrow, which looks to be a new Avengers wave or the Iron Man retro wave. Both fall under the Avengers subline. They will more than likely reveal some updates to old characters as well as some new characters. However, no matter what the next new NCS will be the Human Fly, who was revealed first. Just note I will be working tomorrow so I will be late to post the rundown tomorrow night.


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