News – Livestream 10/08/22 Summary

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today, while I was at work, Hasbro’s Marvel Team had a Livestream, where they revealed a few new figures as well as telling us where some stuff is being released. Starting off with the previously revealed Human Fly and Razorback, they will be part of Amazon Exclusive box set with the newly revealed Ultimate Universe Spider-man in his black suit (on the Ultimate Spider-man build like he should be), Silvermaine (who is using the same body that we have been using for the old head) and Molten Man (who is on the f-ing wrong body). This will be available next week. 16/08 at 1pm ET.

They then revealed the rest of the Disney + wave with Howard the Duck (with Ant-man’s head), He who remains and Classic Loki being joined by Zombie Scarlet Witch, Zombie Iron Man, What If…? Red Skull and WandaVision’s Jimmy Woo (which confirmed that hand and card they revealed earlier). The BAF for the wave is Khonshu from the Moon Knight series.

As for their tease, they show off a Moloid head in a jar. This is Turg from the Future Foundation. This could be one of 3 things, a Pulse exclusive Moliod army builder, a younger Future Foundation team with Franklin and Valeria or a Future Foundation set with FF Spider-man, Thing, Invisible Woman and Mr. Fantastic. The last one seems to be the most likely.


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