Updates and Alts – 25/10/21

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. As you all must know, last Saturday was the Pulse con of 2021. There is another couple of reveals (for all lines by the way, not just Marvel) on Wednesday. Since we already had a few figures of characters we already have I have updated a few of the characters:

  • Baron Zemo (Helmut) – added the new (Ugh!) Walgreen exclusive classic figure.
  • Scarlet Witch and Vision – Replace the classic and white version of Scarlet Witch and Vision with the new Vintage version (respectively)
  • Falcon (MCU) – added the new Captain America images. However I didn’t remove the Disney+ wave version as they are simply the same version one with and one without wings.

Since I have went through all these I have done their Alternates:

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