Updates + Alts – 26/10/21

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. We are on part 2 of our post-Pulsecon updates and by the looks of things we may have few more coming tomorrow. (Note: I will be working at the time so I will of course be late.) I have updated the following characters:

  • Captain America (MCU) – switched the Endgame cap with the new 2-pack.
  • Winter Soldier (MCU) – switched out the older CATWS figure with the newer. Yes I know the box had F+WS on it but this is basically the one from that movie just a different mission before he was freed in the movie.
  • Captain America – switched out the 20th anniversary image with the new one.

I also used this chance to add the following Alternates:

Next time (Tuesday) I hope to finish up the updates and do Knull but it depends on what revealed tomorrow.

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