News – Pulsecon Summary

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today was part 2 of Hasbro Pulse-con and we have a few new reveals to talk about. (In case anyone cares, I was at work during the reveals so that was why I am late with this.) Most of the panel was filled up with interview with various guests so there isn’t as many as we usually get this time. After the 3 3/4 segment, they jumped into an interview with Donny Cate and surprised him by revealing a brand new Knull figure, which he created during his run of Venom. It is currently unknown how this will be released but it is known he will come with 2 heads and the Necro-sword.

After that they revealed the next Walgreens Exclusive, which will be a Classic Baron Zemo, based on his look during the Siege on the Avengers Mansion Arc. They will revealed that the next Fan Channel Avengers exclusives will be Scarlet Witch (basically a repaint of the Family Matters set) and White Vision. Both of these are based on their West Coast Avengers set. The last 2 are up for Pre-order right now.

Next they interview David Nakayama, the artist behind many of the X-men box arc including the AOA waves. They also revealed that one of the next X-men figures will be Vulcan, the third Summers brother. They also said that this body will be replacing the Bucky Cap mold as the standard male figure. Jumping ahead for the tease, they also revealed one of Maggot’s maggots. These 2 more or less are confirming the wave JayC post over on, which also has Siryn, Darwin, Havok, Sabretooth and of Course Wolverine.

They then revealed a couple of MCU remakes/repaints. First up was a 2 pack with Sam Wilson Cap and Endgame Cap and the other set is a remake of the Winter Soldier from Captain America: Winter Soldier movie. Both set are up for Pre-order now.

They then interview Julia & Eric Lewald the minds behind the 90’s animated show. As part of the 20th Anniversary of the show 2 figures with VHS style packages and animated paint were revealed, Wolverine (which you can recreate that meme with) and Jubilee. These are Disney Store and Pulse exclusives and should be up now.

They next confirmed that the first 4 sets of the 20th Anniversary of Marvel Legends will consist of Captain America (revealed previously), Iron Man, Hulk and Toad. However only Cap and IM (which is a remake of the Horned helmet on the 80th body) were revealed and are up for PO right now.

Finally, at the start of the stream they asked people to vote for a SDCC exclusive remake, New Hero or New Villains to be revealed at the end of the stream. The Villain of course won (come one Hasbro, use your head) which allowed Hasbro to reveal D’Spayre. This is supposed to be part of the Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness wave.

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