NCS – Morg and Doomlatus

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Well, after a month of ups and downs (mostly ups), the Haslab Galactus has ended with a total of 32,403 (and some extra international backer yet to be added). That make it the most successful Haslab project to date. Now all we have to do is pay for it (for anyone outside the US and Canada this will take a while) and wait for it to arrive at some point next year.

While we wait, let talk about the other characters that will be coming with the Big G. I already did Silver Surfer, Nova (Rayes) as well as the BAF Terrax so let talk about the fourth Herald to join the ML line, Morg The Executioner. I think everyone was surprised when this was announce and according to Dwight, we have Marvel’s head of merchandising, Jesse Falcon to thank for this. He apparently insisted that we include Morg in this project. I should also let you know we may get another herald next year. My guess is Firelord on a retro card.

We also talk about the swappable head, Dr. Doom (Doom Universe). Yes yes. I know it’s stupid add on, but just think of it this way. At least it’s not a highly requested Herald that would only be available to this set or a Celestial head that’s body doesn’t match the head.

Next Monday, we will look at the next What If…? figure as it seems that next episode will be about the Dr. Strange characters.


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