NCS – Frankie Rayes’ Nova and updates

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. This weekend had been full of ML events, mostly involving the Haslab Galactus. As of writing this the backer are 25117 (and growing) with just over 8 hours left. Because of this we have alot all of the tier Hasbro has provided us. That mean we have unlock Frankie Rayes’ Nova, Silver Surfer, Morg and the Dr. Doom head (which is an alternate universe character that I will do an NCS for tomorrow). If you haven’t backed it yet and want to, do so tonight as afterward you will have to pay the after market price boast, the lowest so far being 850. If you just can’t afford it or don’t have the space, that’s alright and extremely understandable. People have other more important things to pay for.

Speaking of the Haslab tiers, today for our NCS we will talk about the first unlockable tier of this project. Since there wasn’t any new characters from last Wednesday What If…? episode (though I expect that character might get a figure eventually), let’s talk about the first human to Galactus’ Herald, Nova (Rayes). I think this was the perfect character to include as the first tier of the project as she is one of the most famous herald Galactus.

I have also updated Dr. Strange (MCU), J. Jonah Jameson (MCU), Spider-man (MCU) and Spider-man (Morales, Gamerverse). The first three have just had their previous No Way Home figures images swapped for the official solicitation image (the ones that show the extra parts and baf pieces) and the Miles Morales one has a new section for the classic coloured costume. I also added the Haslab Galactus and Silver Surfer to their respective pages but I left the older images as like I said, not everyone could afford the Haslab one.

Next time we will look at Galactus other tiers by looking at Morg and (if I have time) Dr. Doom’s head.


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