NCS – What If…? Episode 4 Dr. Strange Supreme and Site Update

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. We continue our look at The Watcher wave by looking at the star of the latest episode (4) with a look at the evil Dr. Strange Supreme (What if….? Cartoon). I really enjoyed this episode. It shows how people with godlike power would react if someone they love died. Next week, it looks like they are doing the Marvel Zombie so that may mean Zombie Cap and Zombie Hunter Spidey will finish off this wave. Give that there is a few episode left of this season I think the Third D+ wave will contain more What If…? characters alongside Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel.

As for the site update, As people may have noticed, I have been adding Character profiles to all the character pages, including characters I have yet to do a NCS for. As of last Wednesday I have completed this. Granted, many don’t full profiles, mostly the newer MCU, but I will eventually get to them. Now most of you don’t care about this and are wondering why I am even telling you. It because the next upgrade to the site will be something I have mentioned a few times, Alternates. These will be links at the bottom of the pages that will bring you to a list of characters that have used the same name or be an alternate universe version of the prime character. For example, all the main and alternate universe character that have been a Spider-man, Woman, Ham etc. will be on these pages. Note they have to have used that Character for a period of time (more then an issue) and will only be characters that has been released by Toybiz/Hasbro. However, if they had not the figure of the character in that costume or identity but have still had a figure they are allowed. IE. Psylocke will be put on the Captain Britain page despite not have her version of Cap Brit done in Marvel legends. Nothing has been added yet but be sure to check the pages soon.


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