Updates – Post Hasbro Fan Fest 12/4/21

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Hasbro Fan Fest had  four new characters (Iron Heart, Guardsman, Darkstar and Ursa Major) but most of what was revealed were figure from characters we already have and I have done an NCS for. But of those many of them were new costumes and a much needed update. This is actually great for me as I don’t have to research alot. So like I always do post an event the following have been updated. (In case anyone is wondering, I am waiting for official images of the Shang-Chi wave and the Eternals wave before I add them to the site.)


  • Civil Warrior (Gamerverse) – Not really much of an update. Just editing what wave it will be coming in.
  • Iron Man (AI) – Same as above. I, like many people, thought that this would be in the Ursa Major wave but was proven wrong.
  • Spider-man – Added the Web-man to this prime page as it can also be used for a Mr. Negative Corrupted Spider-man.
  • Domino – Added the new Six Pack/X-force version. In case anyone says it, She wore this costume before she was kidnapped and replaced with Copycat and wore it after she was rescued. Also I won’t be adding a Copycat page until we get a unique figure for her. It’ll be like adding all the forms Mystique took.
  • Cannonball – Added the new Figure to the X-Force I part. I didn’t remove the older image as we currently don’t know if the new one comes with the Blast effects anymore.
  • Quasar – replaced the figure image with the new standard image with all the accessories.
  • Iron Man – replace the older Toybiz Modular armor with the new Hasbro version and the older Hasbro Stealth armor with the new Hasbro version.
  • Iron Man (MCU) – Added the Hologram Iron Man. I couldn’t find any reference to this armor in the comics so I’m assuming it is based on the Hologram interface RDJ used to design and build his armor in the second movie.
  • Ultron – replaced the 3d render with the official Images
  • Thor (MCU) – Added the Endgame Final Battle Thor

Next time we will start the new NCS with a look at the April Fools reveal Webman and the MCU Baron Zemo. Maybe Ironheart as well if I had the time.

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