News – Hasbro Fan Fest Livestream

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addict. Today’s the big day. It’s Hasbro Fan Fest so there will be tons of new Plastic crack. We already had some revealed yesterday but there is tons of stuff they have to reveal.

Since I’m off work, I will be doing a live update as it runs. However, please note that this is the first (and probably only) time I will be doing this so I might get things wrong. Plus there is the fact that I might jump for joy at something is reveal and may spell thing wrong.

We will be waiting for the Marvel stuff so just keep this page open and reload every few minutes.

  • Iron Man wave leaked. Modular Iron Man, Stealth Iron Man, Hologram Iron Man, Iron Heart (MK II), Darkstar, Vault Guardsman and Ultron with Ursa Major BAF.
  • Let’s begin.
  • Talking about the 3.75 retro wave.
    • Wave 3 – Bulleye, Grey Hulk, Invisible Woman, Cyclops, Ant-man and Vision
  • Walgreen’s Quasar accessories – energy effect and flying hands plus Packaged look
  • The Iron Man wave  – see below.
  • No more Disney + Figures today but they will be revealed on every Mondays.
  • MCU Endgame Final Battle Thor. It’s the start of the Infinity Saga line.
  • Legends Roleplay the Eye of Agamotto.
  • The Haslab Sentinel Box art.
  • Fantastic four Haslab teased!!!
  • Age of Apocalypse wave 2 confirmed – AOA Sabretooth confirmed!!
  • Panels ends.
  • Super fans- Shartimus appears.
  • Q+a:
    • Are there more plans for Civilians? – Under consideration
    • Accessories Packs? – Possibly
    • Army Builders? – They are coming. (Space guys?)

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