NCS – Hulkling, Iron Lad and Patriot

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. I nearly had a heart attack when I was posting the news today (News- Disney+ wave F+WS Spoilers) and found that WordPress had updated their systems. I couldn’t use the new system but a quick support call and they fixed it for me so I was able to do some NCS for you. Today we finish off the Young Avengers box set with 3 characters. (I did Wiccan 2 days ago).

We start off with Wiccan’s news husband, the eldest child of Mar-Vell, Hulkling. “Wait? He is the eldest?” I hear you say and yes he is the eldest. Both of his siblings were not born naturally and were aged rapidly into adulthood. So despite being the youngest looking one, Teddy is actually the bigger brother. Alongside his husband, this guy has the second greatest chance of getting a new figure

Next up we have the young version of Kang, Iron Lad (31st Century). In case anyone is wondering why I made a second page for him and not put his info into the Kang page, when I was doing the Kang page I asked my readers if they should be considered separate characters. Most said yes, as Iron Lad has been shown to follow a different path to his older selves. Plus Marvel and the Marvel wiki considered them separate beings. Out of the four this has the least likely chance of being remade.

Lastly we have the grandchild of the Black Captain America from the Truth (who also needs a figure alongside Josiah X), Patriot (Bradley). While I do want a new figure for this guy, I think the next Patriot figure we will get would be of Shaun Lucas. Not because Hasbro doesn’t like the character but it’s because Lucas has become quite a popular character since his intro and because of his exposer in the Marvel Rising franchise. That being said Bradley still has a better chance then Iron Lad.

For the next session of NCS we will get a little spooky as we begin looking at the Toybiz Marvel Monsters box set with Dracula and Frankenstein’s monster.

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