NCS – Dracula and Frankenstien’s Monster

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. We head into the weekend of our week long new NCS marathon with a look at some character that are based on monsters from famous horror novels. Fun Fact. Knowing that they were about to lose the license to Hasbro, Toybiz went all out with releases, even making figures that could have gotten the sued by Universal Studios if they weren’t careful. That is why they were able to release some figures based on Marvel version of classic horror comics that looked too similar to the movie counterparts. It’s also why we might not see classic versions of these in Hasbro’s line.

We start off with a look at the Lord of all Vampire, Dracula. Like Cap said in the Avengers Assemble cartoon, not Count, because he is a king. Out of all the figures in this box set and with the Blade movie coming, I can almost guarantee that we will get a new Dracula figure at some point. However, I can also say it will not be the Gene Colan’s very stereotyped version but rather the more modern armoured version.

Next up we have the another undead character, Frankenstein’s Monster. Not much to say about this guy. While he does have a better chance of getting made then another figure in this set (possibly has a BAF for a Blade or Dr. Strange wave) but I just don’t see it being done any time soon.

For tomorrow, we will finish off the Monster box set with the 2 that weren’t directly connected to classic novels, Werewolf By Night and Zombie. (No. Not those Zombies)

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