NCS – a Pride Month Hero and his Troubled sister

Hey my fellow Plastic Addict. I know I’m nearly late with this but today we celebrate of LGBTQ+ brothers and sister, with the world’s first ever openly gay Superhero, Northstar. Northstar has been a symbol of Pride Month for comisc ever since he was revealed to be gay. Don’t forget when he came out, it was during a time where Homophobia was at an all time high and gay people were being blamed for HIV. So for him to come out at this time was not only a brave thing for Marvel to do but a big push forward to representation in comics, something people today think is a more recent event.

Joining today we have another member of Alpha Flight, Aurora. Despite fighting with her brother at times, she has been fully supportive of her brother and visa versa with her brother helping her with her mental help.

Next we will look at 2 more members of Alpha Flight with short Puck and the team’s wizard Shaman.

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