Reminder – Marvel Monday 6/6/2020

Hey my fellow plastic addict. This is just a quick reminder to let you know that next Monday, 6th of July, is Marvel Monday. Again for any of the newbies (or those that just don’t play attention), every first Monday of the month, Hasbro reveal (and usually puts up for Pre-order) a new Marvel Legends figure. This can be a Fan Channel exclusive (like the recent Grey Beast and Vintage Kinpin) or the remaining figures of a wave, like the Deadpool Strong Guy wave.

As for what they could reveal, there is not alot of rumors circling around at the moment that could fit the announcement. Silver Centurion Iron Man, White Dr. Doom and Toxin are all rumored alongside the Venom wave but I feel like they will wait for the SDCC Online panel before they announce more for those. If I had to guess what could be revealed, my guess would be (what should have been) their SDCC exclusive. We will see next Monday.

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