Rumors – Rektangular Mid-Year Round-up

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Youtuber, fellow plastic addict and friend Rektangular has posted a news video filled with rumors, some I reported about and some new.

For those that don’t want to watch the video ( at least give him a like and view guys) here is what he said:

  • Old News
    • Second Gamerverse wave – I previously reported on this. it should contain at least Black Widow, Thor and Hulk with some comic figures as well. Given the recent trailer my guess is the BAF is GV MODOK
    • White Dr, Doom
    • The Eternals wave – This has been confirm to be delayed to coincide with the movie
    • The Silver Centurion Iron Man
    • Toxin
    • A Venom wave – I report that the wave will include Venomised Mile and Gwen with rumoured Venom, Carnage, Morbius and Phage
    • The X-men 2-pack I reported previously
    • Best of X-men wave
  • New News
    • A Gamerverse 2-pack – This is something I haven’t heard about so I can’t say what would be in it.
    • A fourth riders set – He mentions it being Hawkeye which I would love.
    • A Tony Stark figure
    • A Morbius wave But I think that was merge with the Venom wave
    • A Spider-man Movie 2-pack / Vintage
    • A New US Agent – My guess this is the upcoming TV version

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