NCS – 300th Character NCS!!!!!! (and 2 others)

Hey my fellow plastic addicts. I didn’t plan this but with all that is going on in the US and around the world, it seems ironic that today we have 3 racist characters. First we have a look at the human hating robot in Ultron. I definitely missed alot of version of him in the “Needs” section so please let me know if you want a version I missed.

Next we have the MCU version, Ultron (MCU), who was played brilliantly by James Spader.

Last we have a look at probably the most controversial Captain America story ever in the form of Hydra Supreme (Hydra-Verse). This mark the 300th Character NCS I have done since the start of this site!!!!

Since he was part of a 2-pack, the next NCS will be Arnim Zola.

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