NCS – A Future Sentinel, Bullet Proof Man and a Night Nurse

Hey my fellow plastic addict. Today we finally finish off the regular released figure with a look at Nimrod (Days of Future Past). Okay yeah. It’s looking more and more that this will be an Amazon Exclusive but until I hear otherwise, I’ll assume it’s a regular release.

With the Regular releases and waves finally done, I can FIN-NA-FUCKING-LY get onto the llllllllooooooonnnnnggggg list of exclusives I have been building up over the past 2/3 years. We will start off with the shared exclusives starting with Netflix series 2-pack. I know this says Walmart exclusive but I can’t remember what other stores this was shared with. It was a shared exclusive I do remember that. Since I already did the Luke Cage NCS it’s time to look at the MCU version of him, Luke Cage (MCU). I was going to do a comic NCS for the Night Nurse Claire Temple since she is starting to look like Rosario Dawson in the comics but I couldn’t find anything close to what she was wearing on the figure. So instead, I just made a Claire Temple (MCU) NCS instead. You can use this for a comic version though.

Next on the list is the MCU Ultron repaint, so I will be doing a Comic version first then the MCU version.

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