News – Riders Series Punisher Boxed Images

Hey my fellow plastic addicts. Back in Toy Fair in February, Hasbro revealed their next Riders series set with Punisher. In what I assume was supposed to be this weeks Fan First Friday reveals, we now have packaged images of the set. This Punisher is based on the War of the Realms storyline, particularly the Punisher and the Kill Crew series. It will come with 2 heads, a viking helmet, a baseball bat, a machette, a shotgun, and 2 different types of machine guns. He also comes with Hasbro favorite bike, the Ghost Rider/Wolverine/Captain America bike painted black.

Just like Wolverine and Cap, this will be a stand alone release (or at least have Squirrel Girl or Cosmic Ghost Rider in the same case). No word on when you can pre-order it but it should be out in August/September period.


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