NCS – Clarence Ward and the first AI.

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Before we move another the new NCS we have a few updates to do. First, Scarlet Witch (MCU) was updated with the MOM figure so she got an update. Hulk, Dr. Doom and Photon (previously Spectrum but now changed to Photon to reflect her name change) all had new images for their Avenger anniversary set.

Now onto the new stuff starting with the first AI copy of Tony Stark, Iron man (AI 1). Technically it’s the second AI introduced in the comic but in the storyline, it was created BEFORE the Hypervelocity AI, and both were WAY before the Iron Man (AI 3). Hopefully we will get the Hypervelocity armor at some point to complete the trifecta.

Also done is the last (so far) person to wear the Iron man armor that I have yet to do, Iron Man (Ward). Yes, I know he was only in 4/5 issues, but I had to include him because he wore the “Modern” Iron Man armor that Toy Biz did, which I really do think Hasbro should remake. Plus, now you have a new character you can use on your shelf.

Next time we will look at a character that was used as a background for Wolverine, Ogun.


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