Ideal Anniversary Line – 2024 Villains line

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today is Easter Sunday and just happens to be my birthday. To celebrate, I decided to do an Ideal wave. However, I decided to do something different today since there isn’t a movie coming out until next month. I was looking through the Marvel wiki trying to see what the next Anniversary line for could be for 2024 and while they could do a line for Daredevil (60th) or Wolverine (50th), I noticed that four of the most important villains’ teams for Spider-man, X-men, Avengers and F4 all made their debut in 1964, that being Sinister Six, Brotherhood of Mutants, Masters of Evil and Frightful Four respectively. The likelihood of Hasbro making a line dedicated to these debuts is low (Wolverine is more likely you know because it’s Wolverine) but it would be too good an opportunity not to make a line for probably the most important evil teams in Marvel history.

As for the line itself, the line is usually having eleven or more sets, broken down into:

  • five single packs which are usually characters we had before, either re-done figure or new versions of character we have yet to get. For example the Spider-man line had 5 Spider-men (2 redone figure in Amazing Fantasy and Iron Spider, 2 new versions in Future Foundation and Supiadaman, and what ever up considering Spider-man Noir).
  • 5 2pack with one usually having a bigger figure. These are usually a character, usually a remake or new version, with a new character, either a new costume or a brand-new character.
  • A 3-pack that is usually exclusive to somewhere.
  • An Amazon Exclusive of random figure with a loose connection to the theme
  • and a Mega-deluxe figure, like Surtur, Blob or Super-Adaptoid.

So with that in mind I selected the following, starting with the 5 Single figures, which are all character we have had before:

Single packs

As for why I pick each of these:

  • Magneto: We start with the Brotherhood representation and probably the most important member, Magneto. I think the Family Matter set re-release would be great for this, but he must come with a new head, “magnetic” effects (like maybe having a hand connected to translucent plastic and having thing “floating” in the plastic).
  • Dr. Octopus (Neo-Classic): For the first Sinister Six member, we have the main Sinister Six members, Doc Ock. This would again be a straight re-release of the classic version WITH the tentacles that are coming with the Animated version of the figure. To make it a bit different, they should go with the 90/00s version of him where he wore a green and black/purple version of his classic costume.
  • Absorbing man: For the Frightful Four (and Masters) representation with have Absorbing Man but unlike the previous 2, this will be a new figure. We have the BAF version of the character but like his buck mate Sandman, it is bigger than some would have liked. This would use the Hercules build and would have a new ball and chain that will later be used for Thunderball’s remake.
  • Mandarin: Now onto a character we have had before but not from Hasbro and a glaring omission in many collections, Mandarin. For this, I choose the original costume version yes BUT only if they make it look like the Alex Ross version, which make him much more menacing and realistic and NOT like the original racist art. This would require a whole new scuplt.
  • First Appearance Wonder Man: Next we have a character that is now considered a hero but started out as a member of the Masters, Wonder Man, pacifically his original design. This would use the same body as the Abomination wave version with a new belt and head.


Next, we move onto the 2-pack, but I will go through each separately.

Frightful Four

Starting with the Frightful Four representation, we have of course Wizard, who has been in most of the incarnations. This would be in the classic design obviously and will use the Mr. Fantastic / Leader buck with a new upper torso. He will come with clear discs that you can attach to his feet or hands. Joining him we have Paste Pot Pete…….I mean Trapster. This guy has had many designs, but I decided to go with his more famous look. This would be a whole new design which used the reverse ball torso that the FA Iron Man and Luke Cage are going to use. He will of course come with his signature glue gun, but I wouldn’t mind if they didn’t make it attach to the backpack. That would just remind me of the Deathlok that Toy Biz made.

Masters of Evil

Next up, we have the Masters of Evil representation, starting with Baron Heinrich Zemo. I’m talking about the original Zemo, not his son who has gotten three figures so far. Toy Biz did a version of him in the Mojo wave, but we haven’t gotten a version from Hasbro yet. This would use the Red Skull build with new sculpted parts. Joining him we have Moonstone. She is in her classic version using the same build as her previous figure with a new upper torso and head. Yes, they never met but they were both Masters at some point. Plus, Hasbro can easily market it as the Under Sieg box set since many people don’t know that father and son are different characters.

Sinister Six

For the Sinister Six set, since we have gotten all of the previous members re-released recently, I thought it would be a good idea to re-release the previous Vulture figure with a new head and a darker paint job. As for his pack mate, we have Boomerang, particularly his classic version. Yes, this is more a Sinister Syndicate member, but that team is pretty much the Sinister Six team in all but name. This would use the Vulcan mold with the boomerangs glued to his body. Yes, he will come with loose Boomerangs but also a hand with the boomerang glued to his hand as if he is going to throw it. Have I mention Boomerangs

Brotherhood Of Mutants

For the Brotherhood, we have Destiny. Destiny was a member of Mystique’s version of the team and since her return has become one of many people’s most needed members of the team. She would use the shrink mold with a new head and cape. As a fun nod to X-Treme X-men, she should come with the book accessories to represent her diaries. Joining her we have another member of the team, Exodus. This would utilize the same mold as the new Hyperion with many new sculpts. I just realised that these both wear capes.


For the last 2-pack and another representation for the Masters, we have Enchantress and Executioner. This will also be the set that will come with the Deluxe style figure in the form of Executioner. While I do believe it should be a whole new sculpt if I had to pick a build, I would pick the Space Venom/Titus or if I wanted it much bigger, the Caliban build. As for Enchantress, it would just be a straight re-release of the previous version figure. Maybe with a brand-new head and new arms but for the most part it would just be the same.

3-pack – the Acolytes

For the 3-pack (exclusive to somewhere, I don’t know Pulse), we have the Acolytes. Again, like the Sinister Syndicate, the Acolytes are the Brotherhood in all but their names. For this we have Colossus when he was a member after the death of Illyana. This would use his body mold, preferably the one from the Warlock wave, with a new cape. Joining him we have Fabian Cortez, the “leader” and traitor of the Acolytes, Fabian Cortez. This would use the Grim Reaper mold with new parts. Finally, we have Senyaka. Why him out of all the members? Well for one, he has a 5inch figure before and I want an upgrade for him. Another reason is because I know a person who would love to have this character in ML form so this one is for him. This would use the Vulcan mold with new parts.

Amazon Exclusive – Acts of Vengeance

Now onto the random box set that is usually exclusive to Amazon (not always like we saw with the X-men villain set). For this I decided to do an “Act of Vengeance” set. Yes, only one of these villains was part of it but think of it was that. starting with Loki, who I had to include in this line, we have his more recent appearance. I can’t think of which mold to use for this so just think of it as a new mold. Next, we have the first Kang variant to appear in comic (though we wouldn’t know about that for years later), Rama-Tut. This would use the Grim Reaper mold. I also HAD to include a Serpent Society member and for this I decided to pick Black Mamba. (I was going to pick Python, but I had Ringmaster, so I held back). This would use the standard female build. Speaking of Ringmaster, he would use the suited body mold with a new jacket overlay. Finally, we have Chemistro. Why him of all characters? No real reason, I’m just rewatching the Avenger EMH cartoon and he was a member of the brotherhood. This would use the Vulcan mold.

Mega-Deluxe – Josten’s Goliath

For the final figure of the line, we have Erik Josten in his Goliath costume. Not only does it give us a new character but also works as a member of the Masters, the Legion of Evil or the T-Bolts. Using the Super-Adaptoid as a temple, this will use the Hasbro 12″ Spider-man/Deadpool mold with new boots, belt, wrists, and head.

And that’s my Villains Anniversary line. What do you think and what would your list be? Let me know what you think in the comments below or on any of the social media.


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