NCS – Squadron Supreme of America’s Hyperion and Earth-S

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we start our look at the Squadron Supreme 2-pack. You may think that this would be easy but it’s not. Not Superman rip-off, which is primarily on the more recent Squadron Supreme of America version, which being the Hyperion (Mephisto’s Simulacrum) version. The previous one we got was based on Earth-S version. Thanks to that, we also have a new Hyperion (Multiverse) on the alternate’s page.

No, the problem lies with the other figure, the Green Lantern rip-off, Dr. Spectrum. In the prime universe alone, there have been six characters that have used the Power Prism, including the Avenger’s Wasp. Thankfully including Wasp, three have been woman so you obviously can’t use the figure for that. That make at least three characters from Prime universe that have used the Prism AND this exact suit. BUT!! I’m not going to talk about those versions today. Instead, we are going to jump over to Earth-S and talk about the Dr. Spectrum (Earth-S) version of the character, to join with his Squadron teammate. Yes, I normally don’t do Alternate version when they have a Prime version but given that we got the Hyperion Earth-S version of the character, I decided to include him here. This also allowed me to add Dr. Spectrum (Multiverse) to the alternate page. (This will be updated as I add the other three.)

Next time we will look at the Obatu, Roberts and the SS of America version of the character.


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