New Feature Coming Soon! – Missing Legends

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Last week I asked people on my social media account if they would like me to start looking at characters that have yet to be made into a Marvel Legends. My readers were overwhelmingly in favor of this idea with only one guy against. (Yeah, you know who you are.) So, coming this Wednesday (fingers crossed), we will begin a new feature on this site that I like to call “Missing Legends”.

To explain what this will be like. For the most part it will be nearly the same as a normal NCS, Profile on top with a brief history of the character underneath. However, once you get to the area that usually has the figures, I will instead go into how they could be made, like suggesting which body they should use, as well as displaying all the costumes they can use for the figure. You will be able to find all the characters we have done in the menu under the NCS -> Characters -> Missing Legends.

I will be starting with Jim Hammond’s Human Torch BUT if you have a character, you want me to look at, please head over to this page –Missing Legends Requests. Please follow the rules on that page and have fun.


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