NCS – Pretty Boy, Random, Vertigo and Zero

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. During last week, Hasbro started revealing more of the X-men 60th Anniversary line with four brand new characters, all of which are rumored to be part of a box set with Stryfe. Starting on the 20th of the month, Hasbro revealed the latest member of the Reavers with Pretty Boy. With this character we are now closer to the full team with Macon, Reese and a Reavers version of Donald Pierce all that is left.

Next, we talk about the young mutant that appears to be an adult, Random. I see people saying this looks too small but it’s on the Hercules buck (with Thunderstrikes’ legs) so he is plenty tall and bulky. Also don’t forget he was created in the 90’s and a lot of characters then were created with exaggerated bulk

Now onto the only female in the set, Vertigo. Now that Hasbro are nearly done with the Reavers, is the Marauders next? Or the Savage Land Mutates? Possibly but I like to think it was just a random character they wanted to slot into this set.

Finally we look at probably the least known figure in this set, Zero. I say that but looking at how he was a servant of Stryfe, it actually makes kind of sense they included his mode of transport. I’m thinking this set is going to be called the Marauders or the MLF.

And that’s all the characters that Hasbro revealed so next time we will jump into the missing Walgreen characters I have yet to do, Black Ant and Anti-Venom II (Klyntar) next time.


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