NCS + Updates – Animated Carnage and What If…? Killmonger

Hey, my fellow Addicts. After 2 days of reveals, we have a ton of new characters as well as many updates. Starting with the updates:

  • Character with new costume figures:
  • Character that have gotten an update of an old figure

That’s it for the updates. Note I will be holding off on Blob and Ronan until we get official reveals. As for the new characters, I have added the Carnage (The Animated Series) and Killmonger (What if…? Cartoon) and also created a Eric Killmonger (Mutliverse). I said I would get these out of the way so I can spend tomorrow talking about the four brand new characters from the X-men 60th line.

As such next time we will start the 5-pack with a look at Pretty Boy, Random, Zero and Vertigo.


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