Retro NCS and Family – Enchantress

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Since we are finished with catching up with all that was revealed in the past couple of weeks, we jump back to the Dr. Strange’s Dormammu wave with a look at one of Thor’s most famous villains, Enchantress. Why is major Thor villain in a Dr. Strange wave? It could be one of two reasons. One is because she has battle and teamed up with the Sorcerer Supreme a number of time or the other is that she is one of Marvel best sorcerers. The whole wave was filled with mystic characters, with of course Strange, Brother Voodoo and Nico being magic wielders and Iron Fist coming from the mystic city of Kun’Lun.

I have also added the following families:

Next time we will look at the last figure in the wave with a look at the Houngan Supreme, Brother Voodoo.


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