Zemo’s Family

Here you will find all the family member of the German barons, the Zemo.


Harbin Zemo
 | Hademar Zemo | Heller Zemo | Herbert Zemo | Helmuth Zemo | Hackett Zemo | Hartwig Zemo | Isla Zemo | Hilliard Zemo | Gretchen Zemo | Unnamed Kleinenshvitz | Hoffman Zemo | Hobart Zemo | Herman Zemo | Helmut’s unnamed grandmother | Hilda Zemo (Helmut’s Mother) | Heike Zemo (Helmut’s wife) | The Kinder (Helmut’s adopted children) | Wendell Volker (Helmut’s relative) | Ms. Klein (Helmut’s relative) | Mr. Fleischtung (Helmut’s relative)


  • The Zemo family is a long line of German nobles that have been around for centuries. They have either been heroes or villains but only if it benefits them.
  • Heinrich Zemo joined the Nazi party and became one of their top scientists. At some point during or after the war (depending on the writer) he would marry Hilda which resulted in Helmut
  • After, Heinrich’s death fighting Capatin America, Helmut would take up the mantle and marry Heike.
  • The couple would adopt the Kinder, a group of orphans, who they trained to fight Cap.
  • Heike is believe dead when she serve a term in prison.