Inhuman Royal Family

Here you will find the members of the Inhumans royal family. This is not a team page and will only talk about how each are related to each other via blood or marriage.

(Black Bolt’s wife and Crystal’s sister)
(Crystal’s ex-husband)
Ronan The Accuser
(Crystal’s Husband)


 (Black Bolt’s grandfather) | Tanith (Black Bolt’s grandmother) | Magnar (Black Bolt’s grandfather) | Zeta (Black Bolt’s grandmother) | Agon (Black Bolt’s father) | Rynda (Black Bolts mother) | Korath (Black Bolt’s uncle and Gorgon’s Father) | Milena (Gorgon’s mother) | Myrra (Gorgon’s wife) | Alecto (Gorgon’s daughter) | Petras Petragon (Gorgon’s son) | Mander (Black Bolt’s uncle and Triton and Karnak’s Father) | Maximus (Black Bolt’s brother) | Oola Udonta (Black Bolt’s wife) | Aladi Ko Eke (Black Bolt’s wife) | Onomi Whitemane (Black Bolt’s wife) | Avoe (Black Bolt’s wife) | Ahura (Black Boltand Medusa’s son) | Gorgon (Black Bolt’s cousin) | Karnak (Triton’s brother and Black Bolt’s cousin) | Triton (Karnak’s Brother and Black Bolt’s cousin) | Azur (Triton and Karnak’s mother) | Leer (Karnak’s son) | Lineage (Gordon Nobili) (Karnak’s distant relative) | Crystal (Medusa’s sister) | Luna Maximoff (Crystal’s and Quicksilver’s daughter) | KobarLa (Medusa’s grandparents) | Quelin (Medusa’s father) | Ambur (Medusa’s mother) | Azur (Medusa’s aunt) | Gauntlet (Medusa’s cousin) | Psynapse (Medusa’s cousin)


  • Skipping the previous generation, the Royal Family consists of brothers Black Bolt and Maximus (sons of Agon and Rynda), Gorgon (Son of Korath and Milena), brothers Karnak and Tritons (sons of Mander and Azur) and sisters Medusa and Crystal (daughters of Quelin and Ambur).
  • Black Bolt/Maximus, Gorgon, Karnak/Triton are all first cousins, and Medusa and Crystal being their second cousin.
  • Psynapse and Gauntlet are cousins to Medusa and Crystal.
  • Black Bolt and Medusa would eventually marry which resulted in the birth of their son Ahura.
  • Gorgon would marry Myrra, which would result in daughter Alecto and son Petras Petragon.
  • Karnak would have a son, Leer, with a yet unknown woman.
  • Crystal married Quicksilver, which resulted in their daughter Luna. (For more on Crystal’s in-laws, see Eisenhardt Family)
  • Crystal and Quicksilver would eventually divorce, and Crystal would marry Ronan the Accusers. They are currently separated.
  • After being believed dead for a time, Black Bolt would take four more wifes, Oola Udonta, Aladi Ko Eke, Onomi Whitemane and Avoe (Black Bolt’s wife), alongside Medusa.