Whitman Family

Here you will find all the members of the Whitman family, aka the Black Knights.

Dane Whitman (Direct descendant from Sir Percy)


Sir Raston (Dane’s ancestor) | Eobar Garrington (Dane’s ancestor) | Sir Henry (Dane’s ancestor) | Sir William (Dane’s ancestor) | Lady Rosamund, Edward, Geoffrey (Dane’s ancestral relations) | Dafydd ap IowerthArthur PendragonMordred the EvilMorgan Le Fay (Dane’s distant ancestral) | Jacks Chopra (Dane’s daughter) | Nathan Garrett (Dane’s uncle, deceased)


  • Sir Percy is King Arthur’s cousin who was tasked with protecting Camelot as the Black Knight as well as guarding the Ebony Blade.
  • Many of Percy’s descendants have taken up the mantle of Black Knight.
  • Nathan Garrett, Dane’s uncle, used the knowledge of the Black Knight to be a villain.
  • After his uncle’s death, Dane became the heroic Black Knight.
  • He has recently been revealed that he had a daughter with Ashima Chopra, who he didn’t know was pregnant with their child. Jacks Chopra has become Black Knight alongside her father.