Top 10 BAF wishlist 2021

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. We are close to Christmas and today is the only day I will be off from work. As such I decided to give you my third Top 10 that I promise my readers. Today I will be listing off MY most wanted Build-A-Figure. This list was Extremely hard to make as there are tons of BAF type figures I want. I also tried to include most of the sub-franchises. However, I should note that to me the BAF is not only big characters but also unique designs. That’s why you may see a few that are “normal” size but because of their design would only work as a BAF. Also except for one character, all of these are brand new characters.

Any onto the list:

10. Spider-Slayers

09. A-Bomb

Now we have someone I’m surprised hasn’t been done, Rick Jones’ A-Bomb

08. Atlas

I fought hard about whether I want Barton Goliath, Bill/Tom Foster, or the new Giant Man. Atlas won because I want to have more of the original T-Bolts and a new character.

07. Mammomax

I noticed when I was making this list, I had a lack of Mutant representation. I also wanted to do Post or Random but getting a big elephant man is a more appealing option. Plus, Hasbro has been on an animal character wave lately.

06. Stegron

As a Spider-man fan, if I hadn’t included Stegron in some form I know certain readers would kill me. (He says when he wants the Dino man as well).

05. Gorilla Man

If you have been following me on social media, you know that I have begun a push to get this guy made. I mean let’s show McFarlane how Hasbro makes a gorilla.

04. Gorgon

Making a huge leap in my wants thanks to a certain green minotaur magician, we have the Inhuman Gorgon. Despite being a relatively normal-sized character, he is a baf because of his design (the hooves).

03. Shuma Gorath

Next we have the one-eyed starfish and someone that is about to make his MCU debut, Shuma Gorath. The beautiful thing about this is that he can be of any size. You see in that image he can be bigger than a planet or the size of a normal person.

02. Dragon Man

Taking the runner up spot we have Dragon Man. Yes TB did a figure of this years ago but that was WAAAAYYYYY too small. This is a character that towers over even Hulk. While I don’t expect Hasbro to make it that big, they will make it bigger.

01. Lockjaw

Okay. If you been collecting Marvel Legends for a while, you would know that the Inhuman teleporter has been a winner of theFwoosh’s top Ten BAF for what seems like over a decade. How do we not have him yet? If you use the argument, we don’t have him because the TV series failed, well, hate to tell you but have been asking for it long before that show. Not to mention that he has been in many comics recently, like Ms. Marvel, the F4, Thor and the Pet Avengers. Hasbro has no excuse for not making this good boy.

And that’s my Top Ten Baf Wishlist. Let me know what you think and tell me what’s your Top 10 BAF are.


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