Rumor – So about that Backpack Tease.

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. At the end of the latest Livestream, the team teased a backpack for a future figure. Many people, including myself assumed that it might be for a future Spider-man figure, most thinking Andrew Garfield Spider-man. With not only the 60th Anniversary of Spider-man as well as the 20th anniversary of Raimi’s first Spider-man movie, that was the most likely option.

Well, JayC over on has done some digging and has found some possible other option. To Quote him:

During Hasbro’s latest Marvel Legends live-stream they teased a backpack as an accessory for an upcoming figure or figures being released in 2022.

Being a fairly generic looking accessory, it’s impossible to say with 100% certainty what exactly Hasbro has planned for this, but I can tell you based on information I have seen two Marvel Legends items that should be coming in 2022 that will likely contain a backpack accessory.

Both of these will be part of Hasbro’s Spider Man 60th Anniversary Marvel Legends sub-line. Hasbro previously showed us a comic based Iron Spider figure which will also be part of this sub-line.

Of course Iron Spider isn’t the figure that will come with this backpack accessory, but there will be a Marvel Legends Spiderverse Peni Parker and SP//DR 2-pack coming in 2022 of which we could see a backpack included with Peni.

Now Peni’s Backpack which is green and has a cat face and ears on it doesn’t really match up with the backpack Hasbro teased. It’s possible the one Hasbro showed was an unpainted prototype that could be turned green and have the cat stuff added, but more likely than not the tease is for something else. Still I saw this as a good opportunity to tell you that this one is coming next year.

The backpack shown in Hasbro’s tease does match up pretty well with the one worn by Peter throughout much of that movie with the beige color and black straps. Ned might come with his own camo backpack as seen in the movie and both may feature those high school blazer jackets. I actually have know idea if they will be wearing the jackets or not, but I hopeNed comes with an alternate Spider-Man mask wearing headsculpt.

So like I said before, I can’t be 100% sure either of these two things is what Hasbro was actually teasing, but they should be coming next year and we will just have to wait and see if one of them is what the tease was for. Of course until Hasbro officially confirms these two Marvel Legends sets, we will consider them RUMORS.

TLDR: We may be getting A Spider-verse SPDR and Peni Parker as well as a MCU Peter Parker and Ned Leeds.

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