Best of Marvel Legends 2021 -MCU/Gamerverse/Animated

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, whatever you celebrate. NCS will be back next week but I have something to I have to finish. The Best of Marvel Legends 2021. 2 weeks ago, I asked you to pick the best MCU, Gamerverse and/or Animated figures. I had to delay it because I was busy with work (I work retail) but here are the results.

Best Newcomer

3rd Place (9%) – Tied: Disney + Baron Zemo and Into the Spider-verse Miles Morales

2nd Place (27%) – Infinity Saga Surtur

Winner (32%): Gamerverse Miles Morales

I had to break the top two contenders for this and the main reason I picked this one is……well, look down at the villains section.

Best Remake

3rd place (9%) – 3-way Tied: Deluxe Vulture, Iron Man MK III and Miles Morales (Into the Spider-verse)

2nd Place (18%) – Tied: Infinity War Captain America and Children of Thanos Cull Obsidian

Winner (27%): Iron Monger

Best Repaint

3rd place (18%): Corvus Glaive

2nd Place (23%): Captain Carter (Stealth)

Winner (32%): Amazon Dusty Deadpool

Best New Costume

3rd Place (14%) – 3-way Tie: What If…? Dr. Strange Supreme, Zombie Cap and Hydra Stomper

2nd Place (18%): Disney + Scarlet Witch

Winner (32%): Captain Carter

It seems when it comes to new versions of MCU character, the What if…? seems to be a fan favourite.

Best Villain

3rd (5%) – five-way tie: Proxima Midnight, Cull Obsidian, Thanos (Children of Thanos), Kro, Death Dealer

2nd (23%) -Iron Monger

Winner (55%): Surtur

Wasn’t even a contest.

Best Female

3rd (5%) 3-way tie: Katy, Captain Marvel, Sylvie

2nd (41%): Captain Carter

Winner (43%): Disney + Scarlet Witch

Well that was the best MCU, Gamerverse or Animated figure of 2021. Did the figure you pick make the cuts? Will any of these be the Best figure of the years. Let me know in the comments below or on any of the social media sites.

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