News – Hasbro Livestream 16/12/21

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today Hasbro’s Marvel team had their final livestream (while I was at work). They reveal a ton of new figures so let’s just jump right into it. Earlier in the day, Yahoo revealed the wave for the next MCU movie, Dr. Strange: Multiverse of Madness. Strange gets 2 figures, one based on his astral form from the first movie, and one based on this movie. Baron Mordo gets a new updated figure from the new movie and Wong finally got the figure we all were asking for. Newcomer America Chavez will be introduced in this movie and as such she receives a figure, which works perfectly as a comic figure. Speaking of comic figures, D’Spayre will be join by the rumored Sleepwalker. The BAF for the wave will be MCU Rintrah, who in the comics was once Strange’s apprentice. These are up for Pre-order everywhere right now.

Keeping the Dr. Strange hype going, Target will get a deluxe set, with Strange being called Defender Dr. Strange. He will come with one of those magic teleporting rings you have seen used in multiple movies. He will be joined by a comic figure in the form of Ragnarok, Thor’s evil robotic clone that was seen in the Civil War comics before he killed Bill Foster. These are up for Pre-order now on Target but for anyplace else, just check your local etailer.

They kept the deluxe line going with a figure that was previous part of a SDCC Siege on Asgard box set, Ulik. This will have added pieces, 2 new heads and a new mace. It will, however, be a Walmart exclusive.

Moving onto Walgreen, we had a better look at the Baron Zemo figure. He is the start of the Super-Villains theme that Walgreen’s figure will be doing next with and will be joined by Punisher’s arch-villain (or the only one that keeps coming back), Jigsaw.

They gave another look at the 20th Anniversary Cap and Iron Man and revealed the next in the line Hulk. They have confirmed that Toad is coming but not revealed today. That said they also revealed that these will not come out together but as separate releases. For you MOC collectors, the package will be the same size as the rest.

After they had their Top 5 chat, Hasbro surprised up by revealing the full wave of the X-men. I have previously talked about these thanks to JayC leaks but here they are fully revealed. They started with Vulcan that they previously reveal before going onto Darwin. The Wolverine of the wave will be a mixed between the Astonishing suit with heated claws and Sabretooth is his First Appearance. Siryn (there’s my homegirl) was revealed in her X-Force costume and Maggot got revealed. The Havok was revealed to be his Classic look, but he will also come with new effects that attach to his back. The BAF of the wave will be one of Dwight’s favorite villains’ team, the Reaver, with Bonebreaker joining the line. (By the way that was the barrel tease from a few livestreams back).

Final the ending tease this time looks to be a backpack. Given this clue it is believed to be part of a Spider-man set, possibly a Amazing Spider-man remake.

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