Top 10 REMAKES 2021

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Last Tuesday, I wrote my Top 10 New characters that I want Hasbro to make, and I promised you that it will be part of three lists. Well, today we do the second list of the three by looking at MY Top 10 figures that need a remake. I will be basing this list from a selection of figures from both Toybiz AND Hasbro, cause let’s face it the early Hasbro figure were bad, to put it lightly.

I will also be doing base with the rumored listings being true. That means that Toad (who was always my number one remake, even though I got the original one), US Agent, Madame Hydra/Viper (see here) and Classic Havok (see here) will not be included. There will also be a couple of characters that share the same spot for reasons that will become apparent. I will also NOT include BAFs that need a remake cause Hasbro will remake them anyway (monster Onslaught being the only exception).

With that junk out of the way, let’s get onto the list:

10. The Wrecking Crew

09. Vengeance

This one is not absolutely needed but I would really like them to remake Vengeance as the old one hasn’t really stood the test of time with its awful articulation and inaccurate sculpt

08. Yelena Belova

Next, we have someone I’m surprised hasn’t been given a new figure with her role in the MCU, though it may be coming soon. Plus, this one is not her costume.

07. Baron Von Strucker

With Hydra playing a major role in the movie and comic, it’s time for it’s true leader to get a new figure.

06. Blackheart

Mephiso “son” would make a perfect BAF for a Dr. Strange line. The old figure is impossible to stand.

05. Iron Fist and Power Man

04. Dan Ketch’s Ghost Rider

Dwight has hinted he wants to do this one but until he does, it’s one this list.

03. Longshot

It’s a long shot (heh), but Hasbro needs to start making the Outback X-me. What better way than one of its core members?

02. Mandarin

I can understand why Hasbro is hesitant to do the comic version of Iron Man’s arch-villain in today’s climate but at the same time he need to get a new comic figure. Plus there are plenty of versions of Mandarin that would be safe.

01. Banshee

I was flip flopping between this and Mandarin but the fact that I am Irish and this being one of the few Irish superheroes, makes Sean Cassidy my number one most wanted remake of 2021. Dwight has jokingly said he hated Banshee (note how I said jokingly) but with his Sean’s cousin out and his daughter coming out, we need to have a perfect version of Banshee to complete the trifecta.

And that’s my top ten remakes of 2021. As you can see the majority of them are Toybiz because Hasbro has been doing a great job in fixing their mistake from the Dark Days. Let me know what your remakes you want to see Hasbro do. Let me know in the comments below or on any of the social media sites.


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