Best Comic Figures 2021

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. We’re on our third week of the Best of Marvel Legends 2021. Last week I posted the voting for the Best Comic figures of 2021. There were many tight positions with some figures fighting for the top spots. We have a lot to go through so let just get into it.

Best Newcomer

3rd place (7%): Four way tied- Omega Sentinel, High Evolutionary, Psycho-Man and Firstar

2nd place (9%): Tied – Arcade and Moira MacTaggart

Winner (16%): Frog-man

This is probably the most ridiculous character Hasbro could ever make……………but it’s such a fun figure. I don’t think I have seen anyone bad mouth it beyond that they don’t know the character or have no interest in it.

Best Remake

3rd place (12%): MODOK

2nd place (26%): Lady Deathstrike

Winner (30%): Ultron

I think this one was very close but Ultron won out. We have been waiting for a classic Ultron remake for years and Hasbro gave us one of the best figures of the year.

Best Costume

3rd place (12%): Age Of Apocalypse Sabretooth

2nd place (16%): Classic Red Skull

Winner (30%): Classic Thanos

People have been using the Marvel Select Thanos for years but that was oversized. For ML purists, they had to use the Infinity version. Hasbro finally gave us a classic version in honor of The Infinity Gauntlet anniversary.

Best Re-Release

3rd Place (19%): The Fallen

2nd Place (23%): Omega Red

Winner (26%): She-Hulk

Believe it or not, but the 2nd and 3rd place winner were battling it out for most of the week but near the end She-Hulk rocketed to the top winning out with only one vote.

Best Villian

3rd place (7%): Three way Tie: Red Skull, Sandman and Thanos

2nd place (12%): Lady Deathstrike

Winner (37%): Ultron

Yeah, this wasn’t even a contest. Ultron wins for a second time.

Best Female

3rd Place (12%): Firestar

2nd Place (28%): Tigra

Winner (30%): Lady Deathstrike

This was such a close race that I had to use my tie-breaking privilege, and this was such a hard choice! Both were 100% new sculpt. Both were the best figures of each character. I spent 20 minutes trying to decide. But it was the bright orange paint that lost Greer her crown. Some may disagree but like I said I had a hard time deciding, so be gentle.

Best Spider-Person

3rd Place (14%): Spider-Verse Peter B Parker

2nd Place (23%): Web-man

Winner (33%): Gamer-Verse Miles Morales

This one made me worried. It looked like Web-man was winning early on and I would have to give it praise. Web-man for God sake. (In case it’s not obvious, I’m kidding). Thank God calmer mind prevailed and the whole new sculpt Mile Morales won.

Best X-men

3rd Place (14%): Age of Apocalypse Iceman

2nd Place (16%): Moira MacTaggart

Winner (26%): Age of Apocalypse Sabretooth

This was another one where the 2nd and 3rd Place were fighting for the top spot until the winner zoomed past them near the end.

And that’s the Best Comic book-based figures of 2021. What are your thoughts of them? If you disagree, please know that this is what people voted for. I will have the next batch of Best of 2021 in a couple of hours.

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