Top 10 New Character Wishlist 2021

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. With Storm Barra hitting my area in Ireland, I had an extra day off. However, I have decided to begin my annual December NCS break today and will return to doing them sometime in January. I will be doing Alts in the background but for now no NCS until then.

I don’t want to leave my reader hanging so I decided to do something that I have surprisingly never done in my five years of this site. My Top 10 wish lists. Notice how I wrote lists. That is because I will be breaking these down into three lists, with this being the first. This will be a list of 100% new characters (even if they share a codename with someone else) and that doesn’t include ones that we had MCU figures for.

Thankfully, Hasbro has made a ton of figures from my previous lists, so it was hard to narrow it down. Not only that but I have also taken out characters that are rumored to be coming, IE Speedball is rumored for the next Avengers wave. I know some will say I shouldn’t because they haven’t been confirmed, but I trust Rektangular and JayC as they have been right 90% of the time (see here if you have no idea what I’m talking about – Rumor Lists).

Anyway here is my Top 10 New Character:

10. Spitfire

Time for Hasbro to give us the lead female hero for most of the Invaders run

09. Gladiator (Potter)

I always like this DD villain.

08. Namorita

Hasbro has given us all but 2 New Warriors so she jumped in the list

07. Marrow

She was a member of the X-men when I started reading and with Maggot coming, she has always had a place in my list

06. Moondragon

Drax’s daughter really needs to get a figure BEFORE they change her origins for the GOTG movie

05. Swordsman

A classic Hawkeye villain and a much needed Avengers member

04. Ms. America

Yes, I am aware that she may be part of the Multiverse of Madness movie, but that will be a MCU character. I want the comic version.

03. Destiny

Mystique’s lover takes the third spot. She has always been a want for me because of her role in the Brotherhood. With her being a big part of the story above hopefully we will get her.

02. Justice

As many people know, Firestar was my number one most wanted characters for many, many years. Justice was always in third place. Now he is second.

01. Jim Hammond’s Human Torch

(Rant incoming) Okay, for my number one I just want to give you some numbers. Over the year Hasbro or Toybiz has been making ML or their classic line they have had over 11 Human Torches. Of them, half were fully flamed versions and of those, a few had no F4 symbol on their chest. All right, you got that? Okay so can anyone tell me, how the F*** have we not have gotten a Jim Hammond Human Torch?!! I mean how hard is it to give us one of those fully flame no symbol Human Torch and put on a Jim Hammond head on them? And don’t bother telling me I can just use one of those as a Jim Hammond. To me and many Marvel fans, Jim Hammond’s head has to have no facial features. That is what make in unique against Johnny. He is Marvel’s first superhero for f sake. (Rant end)

Okay breath…………. That was my Top 10 New Character that I want to be made by Hasbro. What are yours? Let me know in the comments below or on any of the social media sites.


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