Retro NCS and Alts – Daken

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we finish off our look back at the original Arnim Zola wave by looking at Wolverine’s son, Daken. Honestly while I wouldn’t mind them remaking this figure, I think it’s about time that they make a figure with one of his more unique costumes. I’m think the new X-factor or X-men Blue version.

Since I done an NCS for all the character in the next 2 wave, I just want to quickly talk about them in their entirety and what experiments Hasbro tried to do with them. First off let’s talk about the Epic Heroes wave. For this wave Hasbro decided to give the BAF a break and instead give us grey stands. As you can tell, people hated this idea. Not only that but it may have been because of that and the low sales of the wave, lead to Hasbro cancelling all the variants that had planned, with Blade and Moonstar not getting their figure for much later.

The next wave, the Iron Man 3, started what would become the standard for ML, mixing comic and movie figures. This was the first wave to do so. One could even say that it was this idea that saved the Marvel Legends line. However, Hasbro decided to split the wave in two. While the second part would eventually get release but because of the low sales of the first wave, many people couldn’t find it in stores. They would try this method again in another wave, but they dropped the idea soon after.

Anyway, I have also added the following Alts thanks to Mary-Jane Watson and Ms. Marvel:

Next time we will begin our look at the year of the Mini-BAF with a look at the Kree from another universe, Marvel Boy (Noh-Varr).

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