Retro NCS + Alts – Drax + Important Announcement!

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. I have caught up with all the reveals from the past couple of months so let’s jump back to the Return of Marvel Legends line by looking at one of the two character I have yet to do in the Arnim Zola wave. Today we look at the only cosmic character from the wave and the first of the modern version of the GOTG to get a figure, Drax. However, I will say not to get the Arnim Zola wave version. It uses a much older mold which was way too small for Drax. Thankfully, they remade it later, but it was harder to get. With the GOTG third movie coming I hope they make a third attempt at this character.

I also added the following alternate thanks to Maria Hill to Marvel Boy (Earth-2000800) (Note: I will eventually do an Alt for all the character that have Marvel in their names):

Before we get onto who we will be doing next, I just wanted to let everyone know that this coming Monday, we will be starting our annual Best of Marvel Legends for the year 2021. (Which I honestly forgot about until yesterday.) So, start thinking what your favorite Marvel Legends was from the year as we will start with the usual best Accessories, Packaging, Wave Assortment, Deluxe and Build-A-Figure.

Anyway, next time we will look at Wolverine wayward son, Daken.

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