Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Before we go onto talking about today’s character, I just wanted to talk about the wave he appeared in. Hasbro has just relaunched the line and had four waves already released before they tried another idea for the line, the Mini-Bafs. These were smaller characters, like this wave’s Hit-Monkey, with the parts coming with only a handful of figures. Not only that but Hasbro was still trying to sell the “Swap figure” variants, but all the swaps were either put on hold with the Sentry and Iron Fist eventually coming in All-Father wave or were never released as is still the case with Lyra. To say people weren’t happy would be an understatement.

HOWEVER, the wave did do some new characters like the one we are talking about today. We look at the Kree from another universe, Noh-Varr or as he is commonly known as Marvel Boy (Earth-2000800). Honestly while I wouldn’t say no to a remake of this version, we really need a more “classic” version of him in his green and white/black costume.

No Alts today so next time we will look at the ex-wife of the Hulk, Red She-Hulk.

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