NCS – Terrax

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Yesterday we had our first look at another Herald of Galactus with a look at Frankie Reyes Nova. If she is made, we will be the third (or fifth if you count Human Torch (as Invisible Boy) and the Destroyer armor) member of the Heralds to be made in Marvel Legends. I say if as it’s looking like we might only barely make the initial goal for Galactus, never mind the 16000 backers they need for her. This is the reason I haven’t added the Haslab Galactus to his page or will I not add the Nova character page to the site until I’m sure they will get released. All those waiting for the project to be back before backing it, I would tell you to back it now. If it doesn’t get back you won’t have to pay for it so it’s better to back it now and get those numbers up.

Here she is if you missed it. Hopefully it will motivate you.

Speaking of Heralds, for years Silver Surfer was the only Herald we had for years in Marvel Legends. However we was eventually joined by probably the second most famous member with the former despot, Terrax. The first BAF of the relaunched line had to be something special and it was. People have been asking for Terrax for years and Hasbro delivered. This was a great figure and still stands up today. I do say that if the Galactus project gets backed, then this should be released as a deluxe figure or a multipack with other heralds. (If anyone is wondering we are also waiting on a figure for Air-Walker, Firelord, Morg, Red Shift,  Stardust and Fallen One.)

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