News – Fan First Monday 9/8/21 Live updates

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. We are a few minutes away from Hasbro’s Marvel team’s livestream. We are expecting this stream for focus on the Retro Fantastic Four wave wave with a few X-tra bits sprinkled in. Remember to reload every few minutes to get new news an info.

Info as it comes below:

  • Stream starting now. Same intro as always, introducing themselves yadda yadda.
  • 60th anniversary of the F4.
    • Dr. Doom – The collar cloth piece is for the First Appearance version.
    • Fantastic Four Retro wave
      • Psycho Man – 100% new pinless sculpt, control panel.
      • High Evolutionary – pinless
      • Thing – Negative zone version, new shorts, new head sculpts, 2 set of hands
      • Mr. Fantastic – Negative zone version with swappable lab coat version, 2 sets of hands.
      • Human Torch – fully flamed classic version, slightly translucent.
      • Invisible Woman – Negative Zone, new head sculpt, shield effect and 2 set of hands.
      • Pre-order tomorrow.
    • Pulse Exclusive –
      • Invisible Woman – invisible version. This was hard to make for the team.
      • Human Torch – Depowered
      • Also pre-order tomorrow.
  • Talking about Haslab Galactus
    • Nova figure shown – New Fire stand, won’t be re-release later (for now)
  • Hand ninja for Pre-order tomorrow
  • Domino and Cannonball – final production
    • Cannonball – new deco with swappable legs, new head.
    • Domino – all new sculpt
    • Rictor !!!
    • Will be a 3 pack. Will have the trading card art on the box.
    • Pulse and Shop Disney Exclusive – Preorder tomorrow
  • Tease is a white hand with long fingers and red dots?

Fantastic Four Retro wave

Pulse F4 Exclusives

More Galactus and Nova images

Pulse / Disney Shop exclusive – X-Force set

Tease – Possible Animated Morbius?

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