NCS – Sandman, PS4/5 Miles, MCU Mobius and Sylvie

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we caught up with all the new figure reveals with a few new character NCS today. We start off with the only comic figure of today, Sandman. Not only is he the only comic figure but he is the last member of the original Sinister Six that I have yet to do a NCS for, joining Dr. OctopusElectroVultureKraven the Hunter and Mysterio.

We also have a Gamerverse figure today with a very brief look at Spider-man (Morales, Gamerverse). I know many people don’t like this stealth version, but I can almost guarantee that regular colored version will be part of the No Way Home wave. Using the listing from theFwoosh, there is a Gamerverse figure in that wave with the name starting with M.

We finish off with a brief look (as in nothing to say about them other then why you would want them) at Agent Mobius (MCU) and Sylvie (MCU). We know that Mobius is a Target exclusive but at the moment we believe that Sylvie will be part of the second D+ wave as there is a Loki based figure in that wave, which mostly consists of figure for the What If? series.

And with that I have caught up with all the reveals. There should be another figure revealed on Monday for the first Monday of the month and maybe something on Friday for the Loki merchandise round up. I will be taking a break for the rest of the week but if there is nothing new revealed, I will be going back to look at some early Hasbro stuff with a look at the first Hasbro BAF, Annihilus.


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