NCS – Blackheart and Onslaught

Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Hasbro may have announced that there will be a new all-day livestream for all their collectors lines (on my birthday by the way) but that doesn’t mean I can stop doing the NCS. Since I finished of the last of Hasbro previous announcements, we jump back into doing NCS from the Toybiz era on (again that I haven’t done a NCS for).

We start today off with the only figure from Toybiz’s version of Bring on the Bad Guy with that has yet to be remade, Mephisto’s “son” Blackheart. While this figure still stands up today, I really hate the tail on this. I can’t really get it to stand and it would push the figure too far from the wall. I think they should remake this figure on the Sony Venom figure.

Also up today we have a character that was a baf for both Toybiz and Hasbro but either were very different. Either version of Onslaught are a pain to build. One is so old that finding it is hard these days and the other needed another figure from another wave to complete (looks awesome though). Of the two the Hasbro one is my preferred version. I said it on the page but just know that Red Onslaught is NOT the same character as these so it wasn’t included on the page.

Next time we will look at Falcon’s pet………..falcon, Redwing as well as one of the few non-mutant, non-human member of the X-men, Longshot.

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