NCS – Toxin the slime, Toxin the Cop and Eddie Brock dressed as Toxin

Hey my Fellow Plastic Addicts. After Marvel Monday’s reveal of Fan Channel Exclusive Toxin we look at a few characters. First of all, I have updated Venom (Brock) by adding the new figure and image to the page.

Next I did the NCS of the first child of Carnage and big brother of Scorn and Raze. The 1000th in the Symbiote line, Toxin (Klyntar).

Finally since I was doing Toxin, I did the NCS for the first and probably most famous person to wear the symbiote, Toxin (Pat Mulligan). I know that this figure is not Pat but I did it anyway to get all the Toxins done and this was easy to do since he was short lived.

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